Warren Smith - Artist Print

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Warren Smith, 2022.

Warren used to come and stay with us every summer, back when he was a pro-surfer. He kinda still is one. But even back then you could tell Waz Dog wasn't just going to be one of Florida's biggest surf exports since Kelly Slater. For one, he said please, thank you, and yes ma'am in his southern twang, a sure sign that he was raised well. He was interested in things other than swell charts and wind direction. I remember him studying a book of photos by Daido Moriyama and Ari Marcopoulos and being struck by the craft. So, Waz picked up the camera, and as part of his chameleon (skimboarder, fashion designer, photographer) existence documents all. It's one thing to have creatives you are inspired by involved in a project that is so close to your heart, but when they are dear old friends it makes it even more special. Waz, you're the best M8.

All net profits from the sale of this print will be donated to Rare Voices Australia.

A2 (420mm x 594mm) open edition, digital print on 210gsm paper stock. 

This print is only for purchase for fifteen (15) days from 07:00am June 1 to 11:59pm June 15, 2022 (Australian Eastern Time).

After this date, the edition will cease to be produced in its form by Art Helps Heaps. 

This edition is not signed by the artist.

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